Sitting with Uncertainty

For many people, the unpredictable or uncertain is an awful place to be. Evidence suggests that our biology can sense this place of unpredictability and sets off processes in response. It doesn't feel particularly good but we work harder in that place than either other extreme (easy success or certain failure). Hope exists in that place of uncertainty. It can be dangerously addictive but, in the right circumstances and with mindful consideration, it can push us forward to a better outcome. First, though, we need to learn to sit with uncertainty. So much of psychology and counselling anymore draws from long-existing ideas about "sitting with" uncomfortable feelings. Letting go of control, though, can release us from being controlled by anxiety, chronic stress, and fear. There's something to be said for looking into the abyss of the unknown and just accepting that you cannot predict what will happen. Looking for simple answers or blaming others only causes harm. Accepting that life is full of uncertain variables and outcomes lets you live it more fully and savour it more completely.

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